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Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in joining the Calaveras County Search and Rescue Team. Our team is a dedicated group of volunteers who serve under the mission to aid the lost, injured and imperiled. 

The CCSAR Team meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm. We meet at our cache located at 1191 Linebaugh Road in Arnold. Take a left at the gate and park where space is available. We meet in the building on the east-side of the county yard (left-side as you enter the parking area). If you are interested in joining stop by to learn more.

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Who can join CCSAR?

Anyone is welcome to join SAR as long as they are 18 years or older, pass a Calaveras County Sheriff background screening, and pass a physical test. 

Want to volunteer but don't think you can go out in the field for a search? Not a problem! There are a variety of ways you can still make a difference on the team. While ground searchers and advanced team members are trained and deployed in the field, we always welcome support members. These members can help with logistics, equipment maintenance, fundraising, etc. 

For more information reach out to

Please bring completed application to our Tuesday business meeting or send to

Stages of membership

CCSAR has a gated membership process and training pipeline:

  • Candidate: Initial application and administration period. This phase can be as fast as filling out paper work and attending a meeting.

  • Probationary Member: Completion of a baseline set of minimal knowledge and skills to participate in follow-on training and supervised search operations within Calaveras County. This phase can take up to a few months to complete.

  • Trainee Member: Completion of a fundamental set of knowledge and skills to support ground search operations. This training is primarily conducted during team training venues but might require some external training. This phase will take approximately a year to complete.

  • Full Team Member: Completion of the ground searcher Qualification Record/Task Book and final approval by the Calaveras County Sheriff Office will formally welcome you as a full team member. You can then participate in all operations conducted by CCSAR based on your specific typing level (skills, abilities, environments).

  • Advanced Teams: Includes advanced skill training to participate in special disciplines

Some areas we train in:

Swift Water Rescue (1)
Swift Water Rescue (2)
Swift Water Rescue
Swift Water Rescue (3)
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